Friday, August 2, 2013

Painting Laminate Furniture

Once upon a time I found this awesome little table in the TJ Maxx clearance section.  It had a few scratches but I thought "who cares, I can paint it!"  When I called my husband he was not nearly as enthusiastic about the project as I was.  He mentioned all the sanding and work it would take.  I already had the table so I headed to Lowes to find some paint.  While at Lowes I stumbled across this awesome product called Zinsser Primer for all surfaces (I'm sure Home Depot sells it too and Amazon if you don't feel like leaving the house).  I read the directions and found that it would even cover up laminate.  Yay!  No sanding required!  I bought it and showed my husband how awesome and handy I was.

Table with the primer on it; ready to be painted!
We painted the laminate table with this primer (seriously we didn't sand, just painted directly on the laminate surface) and once it was dry we were able to use our regular aqua blue paint for the table.  We did 2 coats of aqua and once dry our table was finished and ready for our nursery.  So now you know, you don't have to sand in order to paint laminate furniture.  Your redo projects have just gotten a whole lot easier (you're welcome)!



  1. Love the fact you don't need to sand...that is always such a pain. The table is adorable. Come link up to my party going on now at The Style Sisters

  2. I just picked up the same primer and was wondering if it really works. This is awesome and I'm so glad you shared this project. I'm dropping over from

  3. This primer sounds amazing! Love that no sanding was required. Great paint choice...cute color !


  4. Yay...I picked up a little side table with drawers right off the curb and I wanted to paint it but did not know how to paint laminate. Thanks for the wonderful education.


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