Monday, August 26, 2013

Bakers Twine

Great news!  Today you can get bakers twine for 67% off at Pick Your Plum!  I love bakers twine.  You can tie it around lots of things to make it extra cute.  Here's a craft where I used bakers twine last year:

These were my neighbor gifts last Christmas.  It was difficult for me to find the bakers twine for the hats though.  I found one little scrapbook store in my city that sells it by the yard.  I was excited to see it was on sale today at Pick Your Plum.  I stocked up so it'll last me a long time!

I've blogged about Pick Your Plum before, but for those that aren't aware, it is a craft daily deal site.  It is one of the few sites I share about on my blog because I love it and truly use it myself!  I have gotten deals on vinyl, fabric, stamps, baby headband supplies, and more!  If for some reason you wanted bakers twine but the deal is gone, they may have it as a deal at a later date.  I know when I went to buy some one of the colors was already sold out.  Sometimes you have to act fast to get the deal you want!

Let me know of any great projects you come up with for bakers twine!  

Thanks for reading :)


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