Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart Garland

Happy month of love everybody!  I finally found a way to use some of the extra felt I had leftover from quiet books (you can see those here).  I've had this big bag of felt scraps just sitting by my sewing machine waiting to be used.  Introducing my latest craft... heart garland!

It's a cute and cheap way to decorate for V-day.  I was inspired by the Felt Heart Garland at Oopsey Daisy (which I came across on pinterest... of course).  She actually hand sewed hers while I used my machine.  I thought it would be a little bit faster.  Obviously you can do it either way.

Here are the steps for making a lovely heart garland (warning: pictures were taken on my phone... sorry!):

First start cutting hearts!  Lots and lots of felt hearts (I think I cut like 80).  I really didn't worry too much about cutting the perfect heart.  I just kept the ones that looked fairly good :).  I figured once they're all put together the mistakes will be hidden anyway.

All of my hearts
Then start sewing them together.  I pretty much just fed them into my machine one right after the other.  I did make my stitch length a little longer... not quite as long as basting, but close.  I just figured it would go more quickly that way.

Sewing time!  And yes I did have some glittery felt (found @ Hobby Lobby).
Once they're all connected, you are done!  Go put it somewhere and get ready for your home to be a little bit more festive!

All sewn together!  As you can see, I didn't worry one bit about a pattern.  Just kept it random!

Hanging on my banister.  If I had a mantle it would probably be there, but this works too.
Have fun!



  1. That looks *really* cute on your banister! Unfortunately I don't have your sewing skills :)

  2. PS- We would love to come visit sometime! I told Tim we need to make it happen.


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