Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Birthday Board

One thing I love are birthdays!  In fact, my birthday is this month :).  I always LOVE when October rolls around because I pretty much celebrate all month long!  I decided to make this craft so I could keep track of everyone's birthdays in my family (and by everyone I mean both my side & my husband's side).

It was pretty simple to make, although a little time consuming... only because I had a lot of birthdays!  I started with a pre-cut board from one of the craft stores (can't remember which one) and painted it.  I then decoupaged on the letters... you could always use vinyl letters too.  I then had my husband put the little hooks in the bottom (also found at the craft store).  Then I bought all those cute little wood cutouts to represent each month (for like 25 cents each!) and attached them w/ velcro.  These are the main reason why my board only shows 4 months instead of 12... trying to fit all of those cutouts on one board would make it a very LONG board.  I'm not sure I have the wall space for something like that... thus only 4 months show.  Changing it 3 times a year is not too difficult though :).  After all that I bought key tags at Office Max and listed everyone's birthdays in my family.  My birthday board is now hanging in my study and reminds me of upcoming family birthdays!

*confession... if you're wondering why the pumpkin looks a little weird it's because the cutout is actually a ladybug!  haha... i know, kinda strange.  but... i couldn't find any halloween cutouts so the ladybug/pumpkin will have to do for now.  i do plan on checking the craft store soon for a halloween cutout, just haven't made my way over there yet.



  1. I really like it. Twelve months on one board would be way too long and probably heavy to hang.

  2. Love it! It would make a fun gift for a new bride or new mom, too.

  3. Love it except for the hole I put in my finger hanging it on the wall! :)

  4. Featuring YOU over on my blog today! Thank you so much for linking up to last week's {wow me} wednesday party! :)

    Ginger @

  5. I'm so grateful I found your blog post - I couldn't find anything to use for the date hangers on my own birthday board! Thank you for sharing your success and allowing me to complete my own project. I blogged about it (and featured your success) here:


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