Thursday, August 25, 2011

Personalized Frame

SO sorry I have been horrible at blogging recently.  I just started a new job and it has taken away much of my crafting/blogging time.  My most recent craft has been a personalized frame.  I made it for my nephew for his baptism.  I thought it would be a good way for him to remember that special day in his life.  Just a little background info, kids are baptized at the age of 8 in the LDS church (click here if you want more info on that).

I decided a personalized frame could really make a great gift for lots of occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, first day of school, etc.).  You could also just use this idea to change the look of a frame if you want.

I started with a basic frame from Target.  The sides of the frame must be flat in order for the paper and letters to stick to it.  I liked this frame because it was flat, but still had the raised edges for a nice white border.

I then measured the frame and cut out some scrapbook paper to be the exact size.

Time to decoupage the paper onto the frame!  Love Mod Podge... I think it's a staple for any crafter.

Once the paper is decoupaged, allow time for it to dry.  It dries pretty quickly.

If you decide to personalize the frame, you can then decoupage the letters & numbers to the frame.

I cut the letters on my cricut.  I decided to just put the name of the event and the date it took place.

Once it's all dry, add your picture!  There you have it, a cute, personalized frame :)



  1. Thats really cute. My sons baptism is next month so I might have to copy :)

  2. Great idea!!! My daughter is being baptized in January so I am saving all ideas!!! Thanks for sharing.
    following you now

  3. SO cute Michele!! You are SO clever & so great at these things! Remind me of this awesome idea when Mason is ready to be baptized :) :)


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