Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chalkboard Menu

It seems almost every blogger out there has a cute way of organizing their meals for the week, and this is mine:

Chalkboard Menu!
Planning out your menu before the week starts seriously does help save time and money at the grocery store! I also find if I know exactly what I'm making that night, there are less chances for me to say "I don't know what to make, so let's just eat out..."

I love my menu board.  It was easy to make, doesn't take up too much counter space and is pretty functional too!

Here is how I made this lovely board...

1. I bought the board (pre cut) and the chalkboard paint at Walmart in their small craft section.
2. I painted the board with the chalkboard paint.  I did a couple of coats (pretty much I just followed the instructions on the bottle).
3. While it was drying I found some extra scrapbook paper I had lying around and cut out the letters on my cricut.
4.  Once the chalkboard paint was dry I used mod podge to adhere the "menu" part and the letters down the side.
5. I also got chalk and the picture frame stand @ Walmart (no I am not advertising for them, they're just closest to my house :) ).
6.  I then displayed it on my counter and started planning my meals!  Now when husband gets home from work he never has to ask "what's for dinner?"

p.s... my sisters did this craft with me and one of them made a menu board like me, while the other sister made a chalkboard to write notes on... so many uses for chalkboard paint!



  1. Very cute! I love it, thanks for sharing. just stopped over from We Did It Wednesday.

  2. I totally need to make this! I am the queen of doing this! Having a big visual will be even better since I look at my little scrap of paper and think, "I don't want to make this" and because it is small nobody knows! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it! I was just using post-it notes stuck to our fridge to plan our weekly menu before I saw this on your other blog. I made my own and it is so much cuter than the post-it notes :)

  4. I love this, thanks for sharing! I featured this on my Friday 5! Have a great weekend!
    Modern Wivelyhood

  5. I made myself a chalkboard menu board too! Yours looks WAY cuter than mine. I love the idea of using scrapbook paper and modge podge (I've never used that before). Your handwriting looks WAY cuter than mine too. It is hard to write with that dang chalk!! LOVE It.

  6. Very cute-I made something similar recently. Love chalkboard!

  7. I need something like this too - I don't have a lot of counter space so maybe something magnetic to go on my fridge! I love the idea.
    I am a new follower to your blog (found you through PInkopotamus!) I would love a "follow back" if you have a chance!
    Come see me at
    Cookie and Claire!

  8. In my last house (that we just moved from last week) *sigh*, I painted an entire wall in my dining room with chalkboard paint and then would write the menu for the week on it. Everyone loved seeing what was coming up! I'm going to make your version next week. The trick will be to learn to write on a much smaller canvas:)

  9. LOVE THIS! I'm featuring you on my blog tomorrow as one of my favorite projects of the week. Hope you visit:

  10. Darling! I'm featuring you tomorrow at

    p.s. I LOVE your blog design- your whole blog looks fantastic!

  11. So cute! What a great way to stay organized!

  12. So cute! I've made one of these using a picture frame, but I love yours. I think it would make a great Christmas gift.

  13. I love this, it's so adorable! I would love to see you share it on my new link party "Sundae Shake Up". I hope to see you there!

    Jacque @ Jacque's Soda Parlor

    P.S. I am having my first giveaway, right now! The winner will receive a 16x20 Custom Family Tree. You should check it out!

  14. This is perfect! My eight year old drives me nuts with this question! Thank you for sharing your awesome solution! :-)

  15. I love this idea! You've inspired me to create my own.

    I'd love for you to come and check it out at

    I hope you don't mind that I used your picture and linked back to your site :)

  16. Found this on Pinterest. I'm in need of a simple menu planner and this looks like it might fit the bill. Thanks for sharing.


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