Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Quiet Book

Quiet book #2 is finished! Some of the pages are the same and some are different from the last book I made. I hope the nieces and nephew I made it for like it :). Here is the finished product:

Felt cover
Bear with shape balloons.  All Shapes snap on.
Button the lady bug & put hand in mitten (all patterned felt I found at Hobby Lobby... so cute!)
Zipper page & finger puppet barn animals
Dress up boy & dress up girl
Tie the shoe & Mr. Potato Head
Alphabet page & season tree
Fish bowl & counting petals
Quick clean up pocket
 Special thanks to these blogs for their ideas/patterns/instructions, etc...

How to Make a Quiet Book
Homemade by Jill
Serving Pink Lemonade
Oopsey Daisy

Now onto quiet book #3.  After this one i think i need a break from quiet books!



  1. Another amazing quiet book. Way to go Michele!

  2. this is cute!! question is, does it really keep them quiet? i don't think it would for my little munchkins.

    Thanks for visiting my blog... The Magic of Ordinary Things. For the rag wreath, I cut each strip of fabric 1" x 7". You've got plenty of time before Easter to whip one up. Have Fun!!

  3. Your quiet books turned out very nice! You did a good job on them. They look great. Thanks for sharing with me. I can't believe you're going to make three. That's a lot of work. Way to go!

  4. I love the name Made by Meech. Your awesome!

  5. Oh my, this is so creative. Love it. Lucky nieces and nephews.

  6. Way to go Meech!! You are amazing! It's so darling! During church today, Mason was coloring & then stopped & said, "Shel Shel book!!! Shel Shel book!!!!" :) :) He LOVES your book!! :) Thanks!!! You're the Best!


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